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Briefly about myself (Zsolt Gelsi)

My name is Zsolt Gelsi. At my birth, in 1975, due to the death of my mother I was placed in state care. At the age of five, I moved in with a foster parent and I lived my daily life in my host family. 1992, 17 at the age of a few things changed in a matter of moments. A train accident as a result, I lost both my legs and my right arm. With this at about the same time my foster parent also died. Unfortunately I don’t even know my father, I don’t even know what it might look like.
Everything I loved was taken away from me by fate and I lost everyone. It was so much mine that I lived. The hardest part was dealing with the mental and physical trauma, as I was not born disabled, I knew what the other life was like, it’s hard to put up with being disabled for the rest of my life.

Although literally this could never work for me again, I gradually got back on my feet. I learned to use my artificial limbs and wasn’t happy with the minimum, I wanted everything. I did not mourn what was lost, I strengthened what was left. I can only count on my left hand, so I chose a profession from which I can make a living. I studied computer science in Budapest, after that I went to grammar school.
In time, I moved back to my hometown, Nyíregyháza. I had neither the financial nor the family background to be able to lead an independent life on my own. I took strength from myself and decided to break out of this situation. I started looking for an apartment and a job, it was very difficult, but I succeeded. I have repeatedly felt on my own skin that people judge by appearances, not looking at what you are capable of.
My perseverance - I feel - helped in everything, as I have been living in a municipal 36m2 rental apartment designed for people with reduced mobility for almost 24 years.

In 2014, it was formulated in me that I could help young people of similar destiny by creating an association. The NO PARA Association was successfully registered in 2015. Website: www.npe.hu

I started writing my book called The Way of Life which will be about my life and I would like to publish it later.
Because I live alone, I have a very hard time making a living from disability benefits, I am constantly looking for work, but they can’t apply for telecommuting anywhere. Maybe if someone could give me occasional telecommuting, I would be very grateful.
You can view my reference works at www.graphicdesign.hu
If you want to help me financially, I can do so by referring to the following bank account number:
Zsolt Gelsi
Takarékbank Zrt.
Bank account number: 68700339-10077324
IBAN: HU82 6870 0339 1007 7324 0000 0000
Thank you in advance for your help!
Please, if you have the opportunity, send this letter to your friends and companies, because maybe others can help me with my situation.
Sincerely, Zsolt Gelsi
E-mail: info@npe.hu - g.zsolt75@gmail.com
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